Mission, Values and Vision

> Mission

Toyota Caetano Portugal will always position itself as market leader in all the areas in which it operates. It is a strategic company that, based on the concern with employees and customers, will be recognized as an integral entity in the relationship with the environment and community, committed to constant improvement and permanent satisfaction of the customer’s needs.

> Values

  • > People, respect for the environment and economic growth are the pillars of our success.
  • > We maintain ongoing guidance to Customer satisfaction.
  • > We serve a large number of persons respecting their individuality and dignity.
  • > We serve the greatest number of people respecting the individuality and dignity of each one.
  • > We seek growth through efficiency and effectiveness of management.
  • > We develop a business culture based on principles of fairness and justice, ethics and morals.
  • > We create lasting relationships with partners at the national and global levels.

> Vision

Toyota Caetano Portugal will be a reference in all the areas in which it acts for its capacity to innovate, to respond to challenges and by its diversification in the services it offers, in the certainty of customer focus.