In 1946, Salvador Fernandes Caetano co-founded Martins & Caetano & Irmão, Lda, the bus bodywork factory that would later lead to Salvador Caetano. Even today, the bodywork activity is present in the group through CaetanoBus.

The corporate name, which until then was Salvador Caetano IMVT – SA, changed to Toyota Caetano Portugal – S.A, in 2006.

Two years later, following the strategy outlined at European level, the company acquires the representative in Portugal of the warehouse equipment of the Swedish brand BT.

Vila Nova de Gaia
  • Import of Toyota commercial and passenger cars;
  • Import and trade of parts and technical assistance;
  • Import, trade and after-sales service of cargo handling machines (Toyota and BT);
  • Distribution, trade and after-sales assistance of Caetano minibuses (Toyota) in Portugal.


  • Assembly of Toyota light commercial vehicles;
  • Incorporation of components into commercial vehicles.


  • Incorporation of components into commercial vehicles.

Customer focused

Quality (Div. Fabril de Ovar, 1999; Div. Equipamento Industrial – Norte, 1997; Dir. Toyota e Lexus, 2009) and Environment certification (Div. Fábrica Ovar, 2004, Dir. Toyota and Lexus, 2006), according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards respectively, Toyota Caetano Portugal focus on continuous improvement processes throughout all the processes of the activity.


Thus, the Certification of the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System has provided Toyota Caetano Portugal with a constant improvement of its internal processes and procedures, which has been demonstrated in positive impacts on its overall performance and results. This certification ensures that, at Toyota Caetano Portugal, the entire organization sees the customer as a priority.