Support for the investor

Although an Investor Support Office is not formally established, this role is ensured by the market relations representative. Whenever it is necessary, the representative shall ensure the provision to the market of all relevant information regarding significant events, facts as relevant facts, quarterly disclosure of results and response to any requests for clarification by investors or the general public on financial information of a public nature.

Contacts for obtaining information from investors may be carried out in the following ways:

Representative for relations with the market:

Gisela Maria Falcão Sousa Pires Passos
Avenida Vasco da Gama, 1410
Oliveira do Douro
4431-956 Vila Nova de Gaia

+351 22 786 72 02 (Call to the national fixed network)

+351 22786 72 01 (Call to the national fixed network)